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The Ummed Jodhpur: Your Dream Wedding Destination-

Located in the Great Indian Thar Desert, Jodhpur is known for its rich architectural heritage and blue buzz. The historic city is marked by many palaces, lakes and temples which speak of its cultural splendour. Such backdrops are ideal for having big, royal fairytale weddings. If you are looking to celebrate your D-day in a similar way, here’s why you should choose The Ummed, Jodhpur, as your next wedding destination.

Set amidst 28 acres of sprawling land, lies the palatial facade of the majestic resort. The resorts building is surrounded by beautiful lush green gardens and courtyards. These courtyards serve as beautiful pathways to carry out wedding processions whereas the gardens are perfect for hosting open-air reception ceremonies. The lawns can accommodate up to 8000 persons while the hotel parking can provide parking to around 20 coaches and 200 cars. The vibrant lights and natural bougainvillea add fervour to the already mystic setting.

The enchanting landscapes at the hotel are tastefully decorated according to the guests. The modern facilities and services are brilliantly juxtaposed against the enthralling background of the royal resort. The scenic vistas at this Jodhpur luxury hotel turn out to be ideal backdrops for pre-wedding and post-wedding photo shoots. Being the best luxury hotel in Jodhpur, we orchestrate perfect events with the help of our efficient staff.

With a range of lip-smacking Rajasthani dishes for the menu, the reception ceremony is sure to be a huge success. We make sure that quality and taste of our food remains unbeaten by any other 5-star hotel in Jodhpur. What’s more? You can avail all this and a lot more without shelling out too much from your pocket. Just leave us a mail to know about our customised plans and find out how can we work the magic out for you!

A Royal Vacation - The Ummed Jodhpur

Jodhpur, the Blue City, resonates with culture, tradition and heritage without being stuck in the past. The city has established itself as a city that is in tune with the times. The charm of Jodhpur lies in the way the city infuses its visitors with the feeling of royalty. Jodhpur has fast become one of the most sought after place for a destination wedding with its picturesque setting and palatial hotels.

The luxury hotels in Jodhpur are in a league of their own. The Ummed Jodhpur mesmerizes with its traditional architecture and its impresive palatial grounds. This Jodhpur luxury hotel is the ideal place to host a grand wedding fit for royalty. The hotel offers myriad accommodation option with rooms that ooze comfort and luxury.

The beauty of the city extends to The Ummed Jodhpur as it maintains an earthy feel without compromising on comforts. The hotel has several top-notch restaurants where traditional and international cuisine is served to satiate your palate. This luxury hotel in Jodhpur is perfect for a relaxing vacation with its pristine pool providing you respite from the heat.

If pampering yourself this vacation is your agenda then bask in the luxury of Ummed Jodhpur and experience a holiday like royalty.

Business as Usual at The Ummed Ahmedabad

Ahmedabad, one of the largest cities in India, has fast become an important economic and industrial hub in the country. The city's rapid growth and overall development made The Times of India name it the best city to live in in 2012.

With the growth in the economic sector in Ahmedabad, the city has seen a boom in the hospitality industry with business hotels coming up to serve the thousands of jet-setting business travellers who visit the city often. Making a significant mark and setting a standard for all the business hotels is The Ummed Ahmedabad, a luxury business hotel in Ahmedabad situated on the International Airport Road. This Ahmedabad hotel is very close to the airport thus minimizing the hassle and worry of getting to the airport on time for many a business travellers who might be living out of the suitcase.

This Ahmedabad hotel near the Airport understands that although you are here on business, it does not mean that you should not indulge yourself a little. With its top-notch services and facilities that include a spacious pool and a state-of-the-art gym, the hotel ensures that you are relaxed and rejuvenated throughout your stay. The hotel has a multitude of dining options, letting you choose anything from casual all day diner to a culinary fine dining experience. For those of you who prefer the comfort of your rooms, there is also the provision of in-room dining as well.

The hotel's strategic location allows you to access any part of the city with much ease if you decide to squeeze in some sightseeing and shopping in your schedule. The hotel is also great to host your business events and conferences with its array of conference room and banquet halls. All you have to do is brief the hotel with the details and let them take care of it as you sit back and sip a cool drink by the pool.

When travelling to Ahmedabad, The Ummed Ahmedabad is the best place to stay if you have business on your mind and a luxurious vacation in your heart.

Wraps & Roll Fiesta at Jacarnada

The Ummed Hotel Ahmedabad is organizing Wraps and Rolls Fiesta starting from 8th June 2017 onwards at Jacarnanda, Ummed's multi-cuisine restaurant. The fiesta will be open from 11:00 A.M to 11:00 P.M every day & will be an intriguing experience for every foodie in Ahmedabad. This will be one place where you can get hands on some of the most scrumptious and succulent Wraps and rolls right from the kitchen of Chef Vasant.

With the aim of producing some of the most mind-expanding mouth watering menus of all time. Jacaranda - The Ummed’s Wraps and Roll Feasta is your one stop destination for a soul satisfying dining experience.

With a taste that will stick to your ribs from our awe-inspiring range of wraps and rolls which includes Prawn tamarindo, Chicken Toscana, Tex Mex Chicken, Lamb Indiana and many more available in our non-veg experience while Cheesy mushroom wrap, Tex Mex vegetable, Tasty Tofu roll and many more luscious delectable are featured for those having a vegetarian appetite.

And for those with a sweet tooth we have most amazing wrap confection desserts that will leave you with a foodgasm with our Apple strudel roll and Disney Berry wrap     

In a nutshell come and witness the delightfulness of tortillas, roomalis to pancake at the Wraps and Rolls Fiesta that will tingle your taste buds instantly and make you fall in love with the food and the ambience by such an experience which will elevate your taste buds to a whole another level and  leave you asking for more.

How to spend your perfect Sunday in Ahmedabad.

Most of us with our busy weekdays schedule and tons of other responsibilities and almost no time to spend with friends and family eagerly wait for the best day ever created by mankind ‘Sunday’. A day which helps you get out of your daily routine and enjoy life as we are supposed to, yet most of us tired of searching new ways to rejuvenate and spend some quality time with friends and family end up sleeping till late and throwing away what could have been the most fun part of our weekly routine.
If you are in Ahmedabad and you fall under the category mentioned above all you need to do is pack your stuff and go for a head for a nice Sunday Brunch in Ahmedabad as having a brunch lets you wake up late join with your family or friends and enjoy till late evening in some of the most authentic ambience that elevates your mood.
All you need to do is make a hotel reservation or book a hotel online for your Sunday Brunch and everything is sorted. You can have the food and beverages that are top notch with a variety that will make your head spinning and the taste that twist your tongue with happiness and relax your soul along with the amazing poolside experience along with a DJ that makes your body groovy.
The fact that makes the Sunday brunch the most authentic way to make your Sunday a perfect getaway from the routine life is because it serves as a perfect gettogether for family and friends.
In the end Sundays Brunches are more like a pause button form the hectic routine and makes your special Sunday more special with all the fun and food.
So go ahead, book a hotel , because your perfect Sunday is just one hotel reservation away.

Top wonders of the blue city jodhpur.

The tales of beauty and royalty of the Blue City of Rajasthan, Jodhpur is well known to almost everyone along with its lists of luxury Hotels. While this majestic old city which was once confined to the walls of the Mehrangarh Fort has now transformed into the beautiful Blue City whose sight will soothe your eyes and will instantly make you fall in love with this sublime city which has kept its heritage and tradition alive to this date. To witness this glorious city to its fullest the first thing you need is to reserve a Luxury Hotel in Jodhpur as you will witness the most amazing hospitality you have ever received.

Things you must do in Jodhpur.
As cool it is to enjoy your life under the hospitality of the luxury hotel in Jodhpur it would be a sin to miss out on these portentous things

  1. Exploring Mehrangarh Fort
Mehrangarh Fort stands as a center of attraction and the crown of Jodhpur around which the whole city is built has features some of the most amazing attractions such as The National Geological Monument, The Nagnecha Mataji Temple and Rao Jodha Desert Rock Park.
  1. The Jaswant Thada Cenotaph
Viewers are often astonished by looking at this architectural masterpiece with the stones carved extremely thin and polished at the surface outside the monument the cenotaph emits a warm glow when the sun falls on its surface.
  1. The Umaid Bhavan Palace
The Umaid Bhavan Palace which is also one of the world’s largest private residency features one of the most lavish palace in India will amaze you with its sheer beauty. Apart from the palace this place also features a museum which archives the history of Rajasthan
  1. Rao Jodha Desert Rock Park
Situated at Mehrangarh Palace this amazing park contains ecologically restored vegetations and the sight of the park will help you connect and understand the nature that place.
  1. Witnessing the great Marwar Mahotsav

Every year in September-October jodhpur celebrates its most popular festival in the memories of the heroes of Rajasthan. The esthetic folk music that depicts the romantic lifestyle of the rulers of Rajasthan with the traditional Marwar dance will take you back to the golden age of Marwar and let you revisit the glory days of battles of the heroes as if they are still alive in through their songs
Apart from all these perks that the city gives you as a tourist, this place is also amazing to organize destination wedding at the  luxurious hotels of Jodhpur.

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