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The Ummed Ahmedabad Hotel Ahmedabad The Ummed Ahmedabad Hotel - Main Porch

The Ummed Hotel Ahmedabad

The Ummed Ahmedabad is beautiful five star hotel located near to the airport and its wonderful surroundings is a treat to the eye.

Ahmedabad is one of India’s fastest growing metropolises, home to over 7 million residents. In the recent years the city has come to be known a regional commercial powerhouse attracting investments from all over the globe in various industries. In this fast paced development and modernisation, the city has preserved its heritage of architecture, textiles, cuisines and art in the form of many monuments, museums and bustling bazaars.  

The Ummed Ahmedabad is strategically located and well connected to reach the city’s business districts, government establishments, landmark monuments, bustling street bazaars and other areas of interest. It is perhaps the only world class hotel which enjoys such proximity with the airport, government offices and business districts alike.